Specialized in Weight Loss & Maintenance
The most common nutrition related problem in the current world is overweight and obesity in both adults and children. Individualized consultation based on dietary and lifestyle changes are one of the key strategies in the obesity treatment. People with overweight and obesity need unique dietary approaches depends on their preferences, circumstances and expectations, responses, severity of other medical diseases.

Parims Nutrition has a robust understanding of the complex nature of obesity and fully aware of current evidence-based obesity treatments including medications and surgery. Her routine health counseling experience serves an effective therapy to enhance weight loss in overweight persons.
What to Expect from Parims Nutrition?
Clients suffering from PCOS and weight gain, Metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and weight gain, infertility and other diseases with weight gain will be more benefited. She guides donors of liver transplantation looking for targeted weight loss and fat loss as well

Intensive behavioural therapy along with her control on influencing your eating patterns and lifestyle modifications such as exercise, sleep, and other necessary changes in which she is skilled to ease you naturally. These extended versions may give positive results as weight loss is no magic. 

Parims Nutrition is skilled to educate and empower you with her personalized therapy. You will learn about
• Strategies to improve your nutrition
• Personalized Diet plan prescription
• Tips for your meal planning & grocery shopping
• Your Nutrition doubts

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