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Ms. Jayasree Manikandan,
44 years, 
Beauty Specialist & Bridal Stylist, Coimbatore

Parims Nutrition has a very holistic approach when it comes to nutrition, eating homemade food and locally produced food. She planned a healthy meal plan for our whole family. We realized our eating habits are not particularly good and we wanted to teach good and healthy eating to our kids as they skip breakfast, fond of junk, bad sleeping timings, increased scree timings etc.etc. All bad. We had a family virtual session with her which was fantastic. Parimala talked to us like our friend, as one of our family members and our kids readily accepted the changes she explained. She gave examples of good and bad food to them and what they will do to the body and the effects in long term. She talked about the importance of physical activity and now my children play outdoor games 2 hours a day. My husband and myself are very much pleased of her service. Parimala you are Amazing!!! Keep going as many families need your advice.
Mr. M.Anudev Punnigadu,
43 years,
Self-employed, Republic of Mauritius
“I was a long-term morbid Obesity sufferer 147 kgs and already been condemned for dialysis of the Kidneys. I had been on pharmaceutical medicines to counteract this for years which were beginning to give me unpleasant side effects. The doctor said that I would need to be on this medication for tacking gout and sleep apnea issues and High BP. At one point I was consuming lot of tablets a day to try and "quench the fire". I decided to do something about this and got in touch with Parimala at GEM Hospital. I underwent sleeve Gastrectomy along with a nice post- operative diet plan. Parimala guided me along the path to my diet change by providing me with a wealth of information and suggestions of what I could eat and what I should avoid and what I would need to stay away from. Parimala detailed protein supplements and to some extent micronutrients too that would help speed up my digestive recovery to which I still take. In short, my life has changed in a positive way. Thanks to Parimala. 
Ms.CatherineRosaly J
I faced a lot of struggle being obese and came across many insults and advice. Finally, I came to know about bariatric surgery which I underwent in October 2017 at GEM Hospital, Coimbatore. This surgery brought a lot of changes in my life especially a total change in my food intake. Dietitian Parimala Devi was with me in every step of it. She encouraged me, she chided me in a soft way whenever I skipped my food or took it at the wrong time. She not only just told me to follow my diet strictly but also reminded me to have fun at the right time. She explained me everything in a way I would understand. She pulled me up when I was stressed due to personal issues. When I thought there is no Hope, she told me "You have come a long way to reach here it's just a little bit more for success". Since then, I continue to seek her personally for Nutrition Advice and trying to reach the goals she fixes to me.
Ms. Nithya Janakinathan, 
35 years, 
Freelance Project Manager, IT
Industry, Coimbatore
I am here to share my amazing experience with Parims Nutrition. Parims not only work on the food aspect but did an overall lifestyle modification which has eventually helped me to overcome all my health hurdles. She is caring and reaches out immediately to all my issues/ difficulties and she is one such person who will have your back at any given point. I have shared my bad days too and she is just a call away to vent out emotions, cry and be there and calm me down. My hair fall stopped completely and had good hair growth. I had inflammation issues in joints that has improved. I was also anaemic with hemoglobin count 7, with her advice over the period it has improved to 11. I had a slow and steady weight loss especially with no muscle loss. I had two healthy and smooth pregnancies with zero issues and during the course also she guided me with right nutrition so that I did not put on much weight during pregnancy and post pregnancy as well. She has a fantastic way of reaching out to you, talking to you, easing situations, and trying to adjust with your problems. She plans amazingly simple, very homemade kind of food in her sessions which are really do able diets that produce fantastic results. I love the way she patiently explains about food and nutrition. She is deeply passionate of what she is doing, and it reflects. Love you Loads Parims.
Ms. Vimalasaraa,
38 years, 
Costume Designer & Celebrity Stylist, Artist & Orator, Trichy
I underwent bariatric surgery in January 2013. From that moment till now Ms. Parimala Devi is the one and only Dietitian taking care of my diet plan. She is very friendly, dedicated, passionate, with complete knowledge in her field. She guides me on food selection, protein rich food and supplements, importance of micronutrients and while I am travelling what to pick and leave and till today, I follow her meal plan. Whenever I feel low, she always cheers me up and she is my energiser. Whenever I try to change my diet plan, she will accept the change if my idea is good to my health otherwise, she strictly says No and explain the consequences. This quality in her I like lot. She is doing her work passionately and not with income mind set.That is the great quality in her. She is not only a Dietitian & a Nutritionist, but she has also become a family member of mine 
Ms. Rehka Vijay,
32 years, 
IT Professional, Baharain
I lost 15kg in 6 months. I am extremely glad to be part of Parims family. My confident level got increased a lot. Madam motivated me a lot and she prefer only healthy diet with exercises. She has a very holistic approach when it comes to nutrition, advised to eathomemade and locally produced foods only 
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