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Metabolic syndrome condition includes a cluster of risk factors specific for cardiovascular disease. That includes abdominal obesity, impaired fasting glucose, high blood pressure, trigyleceridemia and low good cholesterol levels with inflammation and can develop chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Because of Metabolic Syndrome Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, NAFLD, gallstones, sleep problems can also occur. It may be partly genetic, but many symptoms are related with lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise especially abdominal obesity is an early sign followed by insulin resistance in both adolescents and middle and later age groups .
What to Expect from Parims Nutrition?
Parimala is expertise in dealing with the management and prevention of metabolic syndrome by helping her clients to maintain a healthy weight, to eat a healthy diet including a low glycemic index-based foods and to show the way to eliminate tobacco, smoking and alcohol usage along with her advice on being physically active.

Parims Nutrition is skilled to educate and empower you with her personalized therapy. You will learn about
• Strategies to improve your nutrition
• Personalized Diet plan prescription
• Tips for your meal planning & grocery shopping
• Your Nutrition doubts

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