Super Specialized in Bariatric Surgery Nutrition 
Diet is an integral part of pre-operative and post-operative bariatric surgery both in short, long term and lifelong wellbeing. Bariatric surgery changes the anatomy of the stomach and small intestines in most surgeries and the way of absorption of various nutrients. In addition, surgery limits food and fluid intake therefore quality of diet is especially important. Right amount and kinds of nutritious foods are essential to stay healthy and to avoid weight regain after any bariatric surgery. Hence, it is necessary to work with a registered bariatric dietitian. Parims Nutrition is super specialized with a decade experience in bariatric nutrition to provide your nutritional guidance.
What to Expect from Parims Nutrition?
• To know and to follow about your preoperative food and lifestyle habits
• To learn and eat food choices and preferences to achieve and maintain weight loss post operatively
• To prevent or limit both short and long-term nutritional complications
Parims Nutrition is skilled to educate and empower you with her personalized therapy. You will learn about
• Strategies to improve your nutrition
• Personalized Diet plan prescription
• Tips for your meal planning & grocery shopping
• Your Nutrition doubts
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